This Colorblind Man Hears Color With An Antenna

With the help of a brain implant and an insect-like antenna, Neil Harbisson perceives colors as sounds inside his head. Harbisson is a colorblind artist in London, and a real-life cyborg. Instead of seeing the light frequencies that color-seeing people are able to detect, Harbisson relies on the wearable device implanted in his skull to translate the colors into sound vibrations. In his head, each color has a different note. He now even has the ability to translate songs and other audio into colors using sound frequencies.

The Man Who Hears Color

Watch Neil Harbisson at work.

How Does Colorblindness Work?

And why is it only in men?

A Fix For The Color Blind

A startup in Berkeley, California is using optical engineering to provide color for the colorblind.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. 8% of all men of some form of colorblindness. 00:00

  2. Hitting people in the head, massive doses of vitamin C, and injecting snake venom into the eye were all utilized to cure color blindness during WWII. 01:17

  3. The color blind have an increase in the overlap of the wavelengths absorbed between their green and red cones. 02:52

Written by Curiosity Staff March 10, 2016

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