This Bionic Lens Could Give You Superhuman Vision

This Bionic Lens Could Give You Superhuman Vision

There are plenty of ways to fix imperfect vision, but none of them last. Even LASIK, the most popular long-term solution, leaves your eyes at risk of cataracts later in life. In May of 2015, a Canadian ophthalmologist announced that he's created a bionic lens that could correct a person's vision for life, potentially resulting in vision three times better than 20/20. The product of eight years of research and $3 million in funding, the Ocumetics Bionic Lens is said to require a painless 8-minute in-office procedure that requires no anesthesia. The custom-made lens is folded up like a taco in a saline-filled syringe, then placed in the eye and left to unravel over about 10 seconds. Because the bionic lens is designed to replace a patient's natural one, the procedure may eliminate any risk of cataracts in the future. Wondering what you can do to improve your vision? Check out these videos.

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