This Bionic Lens Could Give You Superhuman Vision

There are plenty of ways to fix imperfect vision, but none of them last. Even LASIK, the most popular long-term solution, leaves your eyes at risk of cataracts later in life. What if you could undergo a procedure that gives you better than 20/20 vision well into your twilight years? A technology called Ocumetics is claimed to do just that.

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Superhuman Vision In 8 Minutes Flat

In May of 2015, a Canadian ophthalmologist announced that he created a bionic lens that could correct a person's vision for life, potentially resulting in vision three times better than 20/20.The product of eight years of research and $3 million in funding, the Ocumetics Bionic Lens is said to require a painless 8-minute in-office procedure that requires no anesthesia.

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To put it in, the specialist folds up the custom-made lens like a tiny taco to fit it into a saline-filled syringe. Next, he or she uses the syringe to place it in your eye through a super-small incision, then leaves it there to unravel over about 10 seconds. Then you're done!

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Long-Term Benefits

Because the bionic lens is designed to replace your natural one, the procedure may eliminate any risk of cataracts in the future. What's more, because cataracts can release chemicals that increase the risk of glaucoma and other issues, it goes even further by helping to protect overall eye health.

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Written by Curiosity Staff August 5, 2016

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