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This App Helps You Mimic A Stranger's Outfit With Just A Photo

Fashion envy is real. The awkwardness of approaching a stranger to ask where the heck she got that amazing floral-print charmeuse jumpsuit from(?!) is just as real. An ecommerce brand has answered your woes. A tool now exists to let you steal a look with a snap. What are people but walking mannequins, anyway? Sometimes, you just gotta do whatever it takes...

Who Are You Wearing?

The second you think your wardrobe is finally as cool as you've always wanted it to be, you see someone walking down the street rocking a look that trumps your entire closet. Ugh, come ON. The ecommerce clothing company ASOS doesn't want that experience to get you down. In August 2017, ASOS announced a new feature in their app: a search-by-photo function that lets you snap a photo of an outfit and find similar items to buy for yourself. The pace of fashion moves fast, ya'll, but that doesn't mean you should be left in the dust.

The caveat: The feature won't scour the entire internet to get you your dream look; it'll only scrape the ASOS catalog. Although, the company has 85,000 products in its inventory and adds 5,000 new items every week. While your chances of the piece you're snapping is from ASOS is pretty slim, the chances you'll find a similar item are not bad at all.

Style Thievery

ASOS is not the first to dip its toes into a visual search function. Pinterest and eBay both dabble in the space, for instance. Actually, ASOS isn't even the first company to apply this concept to fashion, though it does carry much more brand recognition than similar apps like ASAP54, Craves, Slyce and Snap Fashion. The leg-up ASOS has on these others businesses? Plenty of fashionistas probably already have the ASOS app. Having every piece of a look coming in from the same company's warehouse is helpful for keeping your shipping costs low, too. Happy style-stealin'!

The Changing Face of Fashion

Written by Curiosity Staff September 19, 2017

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