Think Twice Before Waiting Too Long To Pee

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You've likely held your urge to urinate in order to finish a small task or conversation. But what is happening inside your body when you do that? You may have heard that holding your pee when you have to relieve yourself is bad for you-and it is. However, it is really only detrimental to you when you frequently hold it for long periods of time. You may, in this case develop, urinary retention, which is the inability to empty your bladder completely. But that good news is that it almost always is not life-threatening. An adult can hold about two full cups (about half a liter) of urine before you'll feel the need to let it go. That urge is prompted by receptors inside your bladder.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Holding your pee is really only bad for you when you do it frequently and for a long time. 00:16

  2. If you’re an adult, your body can hold two full cups (about half a liter) of urine before you’ll feel the need to let it go. 00:26

  3. Long before your bladder could burst before from holding your pee too long, your body will likely ignore your brain trying to hold it in and you'll just wet yourself. 01:34

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