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They've Finally Done It: This Table Never Wobbles

Life is full of little annoyances we all have to deal with: itchy shirt tags, broken bathroom stalls, wobbly restaurant tables. Australian inventor Chris Heyring has lent his considerable genius to stamping out at least one of those frustrations: his No-Rock table is designed to stay perfectly sturdy on any surface.

The NOROCK ‘Trail’ table.

Why Do Tables Tilt?

The reason tables wobble in the first place comes down to geometry. See, a three-legged table won't wobble. That's because three points are the minimum it takes to define a flat surface — what mathematicians call a plane. But a three-legged table is also unstable: lean on an edge that's between two legs, and you'll make it tip over.

Four-legged tables are more stable, but also more prone to wobbling. If the ground is uneven, that four-legged table will resort to the geometric minimum and balance on three legs, switching from one to the other and sloshing your drink around in the process.

Don't Rock The Rosé

Heyring's invention solves this problem by making the legs work with the shape of the ground. The table sits on a single column with four feet, like a standard cocktail table. The feet are designed to fit together loosely and lean on one another for support. That way, they each settle into the level of the ground and provide a firm base for the tabletop — and your unspilled drink.

Fix a Wobbly Table (with Math)

Written by Ashley Hamer September 13, 2017

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