Extraterrestrial Life

These Terrifying Alien Worlds Actually Exist

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Of the exoplanets we've discovered, there are a couple dozen that scientists believe have the conditions necessary to harbor life. Then...there are all the others. Discover some of the horrifying worlds that exist in our universe in the video below.

These Terrifying Alien Worlds Actually Exist

They could melt your face right off.

5 More Amazing Exoplanets

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. On HD 189773b, winds propel particles of silicate around the planet at up to 7,000 km/hr (4,350 mph). 01:02

  2. The planet HAT-P-7b orbits its star in the opposite direction of most planets. 02:16

  3. TrES-2b reflects only 1% of the light that hits it. 04:08

How Do We Find Exoplanets?

Get a primer on planets outside our solar system.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The first confirmed exoplanets were found orbiting a pulsar in 1992. 02:03

  2. Hot Jupiters are gas giants that orbit very close to their star. 04:30

  3. During a transit, a planet passes in front of its star, letting Earth astronomers detect a dip in the star's brightness. The amount of light blocked tells you the planet's size. 05:52

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