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These See-Through Kayaks Promise The Best Ocean Views

You did it! You finally embarked on your ultimate tropical getaway. Now before you paddle around the island in a regular ole' kayak, consider an upgrade—luxury beach bums have Florida's Crystal Kayak Company to thank for introducing completely transparent kayaks. The best ocean views are right under your feet.

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A Whole New World

According to the company's website, "The Crystal Explorer" is a "totally crystal-clear canoe-kayak hybrid that lets users observe the underwater world below them." The vessels are built to be lightweight, but they're made with 100 percent Spanish Lexan, so they're also durable. (That's the same material used to make airplane windshields, according to Travel + Leisure.)

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For extra protection, they also apply a proprietary UV absorption layer that's 40 microns thick to each side of the Lexan hulls. Combine these snazzy features with an open cockpit and low-sitting ergonomic seats "for easy maneuvering through the waters," and you've got yourself a breathtaking design.

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"Priceless" View

So, we know it's pretty, but how much does this baby cost? Each Crystal Explorer is priced at $2,499, which includes two paddles, two seats, and two flotation pouches. If you still need convincing, watch Crystal Kayak's drone video below.

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Written by Curiosity Staff March 9, 2017

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