These Regional Foods Shouldn't Be Eaten Anywhere Else

You may have heard of regional American foods such as the Boston cream pie, which obviously originated from Boston, but what about Rochester, New York's "garbage plate" or Illinois' horseshoe sandwich? The horseshoe sandwich is an open-face sandwich with meat, cheese sauce, and fries all piled on. Typically, one sandwich has about 1,900 calories. The southern U.S. in particular has many popular and specific regional dishes, including the po' boy sandwich, king cake, gumbo, chicken-fried steak, baked deviled crab, she-crab soup, conch chowder, and much more.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The Amish population in Pennsylvania is responsible for the invention of the whoopee pie. 01:06

  2. Rocky Mountain oysters from the western U.S. are actually bull testicles. 04:48

  3. The po' boy sandwich used to be called the peacemaker. 06:23

Written by Curiosity Staff April 28, 2016

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