These Lagrange Points In Space Are Totally Stable

These Lagrange Points In Space Are Totally Stable

A Lagrange point represents a very interesting spot in space. They are basically spatial "parking spots", due to the gravitational and centrifugal forces of three bodies in space affecting an area. Named after 18th-century mathematician Joseph-Louis Lagrange, these spots occur around all large bodies in space, such as planets and stars. Each body has three Lagrange points. In the case of Earth, Lagrange points 4 and 5 are stable, and anything placed in them will remain locked there forever. These spots have been mentioned in reference to potential space colony sites, or spaces to place observatories and satellites.


Key Facts In This Video

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    If objects are at different distances from the sun, they have to move at different speeds. (1:58)

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    The distance between the Earth and the sun is about 150 million kilometers. (3:09)

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