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These Drones Can Explore The Ocean's Unknown

As of 2015, scientists had only explored about 5% of earth's oceans . How can they discover what's been hiding on the ocean floors? The answer might be drones. The company OpenROV has developed a drone that does much more than fly in the sky-the submersible Trident can explore underwater landscapes. The aim with this technology is to allow people to wear virtual reality headsets to actually see what the drone is seeing, all while controlling the device with a remote control.

We've collected some great videos on this topic. Watch them now to learn more.

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The Submersible Drone

This small drone may be the key to exploring the deepest parts of our oceans

Robot Jellyfish Patrolling The Oceans

This drone's design was inspired by the form of a jellyfish

The Future Of Drone Technology

Drones are also being used to help scan and map the entire surface of our planet

Written by Curiosity Staff April 29, 2016

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