These Creatures Were Named After Unexpected Things

Everyone has heard of the pterodactyl, the Tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops and other of the more well-known prehistoric creatures. However, new dinosaur species get discovered in more recent times that need names. Why not turn to pop culture for inspiration? For example, there's a prehistoric lizard-like creature that was named after U.S. president Barack Obama-the Obamadon. It got this name because of it's long, white teeth. Another creature is the Gagadon, named after musician Lady Gaga, because its crazy teeth was reminiscent of a monster's mouth, and Lady Gaga's fans are known as "little monsters."

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The Jaggermeryx naida is a prehistoric animal that was named after Mick Jagger. 01:33

  2. This is a prehistoric creature called the Obamadon named after Barack Obama. 06:14

  3. The Gagadon is a small deer-like mammal named after Lady Gaga. 08:34

Written by Curiosity Staff February 1, 2016