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These Are the Winners of the 2018 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition

There's some amazing stuff beneath the water. For proof, look no further than the annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition. The winners of the 2018 contest showcased everything from enormous humpback whales to the tiniest little clownfish eggs, all in vivid, colorful detail.

Under the Sea

Now in its seventh year, the contest exists to celebrate the world's best nature photographers and spread awareness about the need for ocean conservation. Photographers from more than 70 countries entered images in 16 different categories, making the 2018 competition "the most competitive year to date," according to a press release. Four judges — underwater photographers Tony Wu, Martin Edge, and Marty Snyderman, along with Underwater Photography Guide publisher Scott Gietler — evaluated thousands of entries before deciding who would get a piece of the more than $80,000 in prizes.

Check out some of the winning entries by category below!

Best in Show

1st Place Marine Life Behavior and Best of Show: "Devil Ray Ballet." Honda Bay, Palawan, the Philippines


1st Place Wide Angle: "Gentle Giants." Saint-Gilles, Reunion Island, France


1st Place Macro: "Ancistrocheirus." Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA

Cold Water

1st Place Cold Water: "Grey Seal Face."


1st Place Nudibranch: "Inside the Eggs." Anilao, Phillippines


1st Place Supermacro: "So Hairy Flames." Anilao, Phillippines

Mirrorless Wide-Angle

1st Place Mirrorless Wide-Angle: "Spotted Dolphins." Bimini, Bahamas

Mirrorless Behavior

1st Place Mirrorless Behavior: "My Babies." Amami Oshima Island, Japan

Compact Wide-Angle

1st Place Compact Wide-Angle: "Dancing Jellyfish." North-East Coast, Taiwan

Underwater Art

1st Place Underwater Art: "Disco Nudi." Bali, Indonesia

For all of the winning images, check out the Ocean Art 2018 website here.

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Written by Ashley Hamer January 25, 2019

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