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These Are The Best States To Find Love

Feeling unlucky in love? You might need to move. According to a December 2016 study published in the Journal of Research in Personality, Virginia is not the best state for lovers (it's #21). If you're looking for romance, try moving to Mississippi, Utah, or Wisconsin.

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Calling All North Dakotans!

Assistant psychology professor at Michigan State University, William Chopik urges singles in North Dakota to re-think their residency. Chopik, along with coauthor Matt Motyl, tested more than 127,000 adults from all U.S. states in regards to their attachment styles, which are said to influence all aspects of adult relationships. North Dakota ranked as the worst state for lovers with both high attachment anxiety and avoidance.

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Someone with an avoidant attachment style keeps their distance and typically doesn't show an outward desire for closeness, warmth, affection, or love. On the other hand, anxiously attached people often seem "clingy" since they crave intimacy, yet tend to feel doubtful of their own self worth. The study explains that most states ranking high in anxious attachment are located in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast region of the U.S. As Chopin notes, certain regional stereotypes ring true: "When I think of New York," he says to MSU, "I think of the anxious Woody Allen type." New York had one of the highest scores for attachment anxiety.

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Mississippi Is For Lovers (Duh)

So where's the best place for love? Mississippi. It has the lowest combination of anxious and avoidant attachment styles. (Check out the full list of states and their rankings here.) In addition to attachment style, Chopin and Motyl used some other factors when making their list, including U.S. Census information on relationships, each state's well-being and mortality rate, and even weather. But if you live in Virginia, or even North Dakota, don't call the moving van just yet. Chopin concludes that "positive relationships are found everywhere and transcend time and place."

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Written by Curiosity Staff February 7, 2017

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