These Are Some Of The Weirdest Man-Made Disasters

You've heard of hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, and earthquakes, but you've likely never heard of some bizarre man-made events that ended up disastrous. For example, the London Beer Flood. In 1816, a huge vat of beer ruptured, causing a domino effect of others to blow as well. In total, there were 390,000 gallons of beer sloshing through the streets of London. A wave reportedly 15 feet high demolished buildings and flooded homes. At least eight people reportedly drowned. A more popular strange disaster is the Great Molasses Flood, during which a 25-foot wall of molasses crashed through downtown Boston in 1919.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. In 1814, about 390,000 gallons of beer flooded into London streets during what is now known as the London Beer Flood. 00:09

  2. In 1919, a 25-foot wall of molasses crashed through Boston during what it now known as the Great Molasses Flood. 01:17

  3. During the Great London Death Fog of 1952, an estimated 4,000 people died from pus-filled lungs due to poisonous smog. 04:17

Written by Curiosity Staff April 27, 2016

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