These Are Some Jobs You May Apply For In 2025

It has been said that about 65% of careers in the future don't even exist yet. Considering the rate at which technology is evolving, this statistic isn't hard to believe. Microsoft, in collaboration with The Future Laboratory, put together a report detailing what jobs may be hiring in the year 2025. The first job on the list is virtual habitat designer. This job was predicted based on the emergence of virtual reality, and the bet that the industry will continue to grow. Want to create digital landscapes in which people live, work, and play in VR? Virtual habitat design might be your calling.

Other jobs in this report include an ethical technology advocate, who will ensure autonomous robots don't make our robot uprising fears come true; personal content creator, who will help people increase the storage capacity of their minds by curating memories and thoughts for at-will viewing; and space tour guide, who will help space travelers navigate Earth's orbit. Watch the video below to explore more options for potential future positions.

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Written by Curiosity Staff September 1, 2016

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