These Animals Seem To Have Crazy, Actual Superpowers

You may have never heard of the lesser water boatman, but it's a tiny bug with an impressive skill. This 2-millimeter-long insect holds the record for loudest animal by size-it can make a noise as loud as a power tool. It makes this sound by rubbing his penis along his abdomen. You have heard of elephants, but maybe not one of their superpowers. Elephants can speak without making a sound. It's called infrasound, and it is a frequency that exists below the range of human hearing and can travel hundreds of kilometers through the ground. No list of animal superpowers would be complete without the incredible tardigrade. Also known as the water bear, this creature can survive deadly radiation, the vacuum of space, and extreme cold and heat. It can also go without eating for as long as a decade!

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The axolotl salamander can regenerate entire limbs. 00:51

  2. Pit vipers have two special organs, in addition to the eyes they see with, that provide them with a 3-D thermal view of the world. 02:01

  3. The tardigrade can survive up to a decade without eating. 03:19

Written by Curiosity Staff April 28, 2016

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