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Therizinosaurus Had The World's Longest Claws

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When Therizinosaurus remains were first described, scientists thought that they came from a large turtle-like animal. But Therizinosaurus was a theropod, part of the suborder of dinosaurs that likely evolved into birds. Because a Therizinosaurus skull has never been found, paleontologists don't know what this dinosaur ate, but they speculate that it was an herbivore. Those giant claws may have been used to peel bark away from tree trunks, or for self-defense.


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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Therizinosaurus was initially thought to be a giant turtle-like animal. 01:24

  2. At 10 m (33 ft) long, Therizinosaurus was about the size of a Tyrannosaur. 08:43

  3. Therizinosaurus may have been able to puff up its feathers to appear larger. 14:45