There's More Than Just Books At The New York Public Library

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If you watched Ghostbusters, you might think that a floating apparition in the stacks is the strangest thing the New York Public Library has ever seen. But you'd be wrong, and not just because the librarian ghost was just a special effect. In fact, there's a LOT of weird stuff that's just a household object for these archivists—things like Charles Dickens's letter opener, which is made in part out of the taxidermied paw of his pet cat. That's not the only piece of literary history in the collection, either. You'll find Truman Capote's cigarette case, the original teddy bear that inspired Winnie the Pooh, and hair from the heads of Charlotte Brontë, Walt Whitman, and Mary Shelley.

Inside The New York Public Library: The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

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