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There's an Exclusive Club at Disneyland That Costs $25,000 to Join

Whether you go to Orlando, Shanghai, Paris, or Anaheim, it's no question that a visit to Disney is an unforgettable experience. There's one experience, though, that many of even the most die-hard fanatics still have yet to enjoy: Disneyland's Club 33, where members get the ultimate treatment and a dining experience like no other. There's only one thing — it'll cost you $25,000 just to join.

Dining With Walt Disney

Built in 1967 in Anaheim, CA, this members-only restaurant and bar was originally designed by Walt Disney and his wife as a secret place to entertain their most high-profile guests. Walt passed away five months short of its completion, but his vision for the club lived on. Today, Club 33 functions as an ultra-exclusive five-star dining experience with a hefty price tag — initiation is about the cost of a car ($25,000), while annual fees are anywhere from $12,500 to $30,000 a year.

While the existence of Club 33 is no longer a secret today, much of what's behind its doors is. As keeping this place mysterious is all part of the allure, getting a glimpse of what goes on inside those walls has always been quite tricky. Thanks to the social media culture's love of oversharing, however, we've been learning more and more about Disneyland's most prestigious dining club.

Enter Through the Secret Door

Located in the center of New Orleans Square, there's a good chance you've walked past the entrance to Club 33 without even knowing it — an inconspicuous door numbered 33 where members touch their passes for exclusive entry. Once past the door, members get a warm welcome at reception and ascend a blue staircase to Le Salon Nouveau and Le Grand Salon: the club's dining rooms. You better show up hungry (and thirsty), because Club 33 serves an impressive five- to six-course tasting menu of dishes like beef tartare, rack of lamb, and lobster paella while offering the only alcoholic beverages in the entire park. Be sure to make your reservation in advance, though — several months in advance, according to insiders.

But there's still the million-dollar (or $25,000) question. How in the name of Mickey do you get in?! If you're looking for membership, you'll need to be on the rumored 14-year waitlist. If you're just looking for a reservation, you'd better know someone who can invite you as their guest. If either of these options doesn't work for you, there's always Craigslist. Members have been known to anonymously list reservations for sale, but proceed with caution: Disney takes membership abuse very seriously. Whatever you choose to do, start saving up now. Otherwise, it's another meal at Goofy's Kitchen with the rest of us.

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Secrets and History of Club 33

Written by Ashley Gabriel July 6, 2018

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