Outer Space

There Will Most Likely Be A Determinant End To The Universe

In the same way that the universe was born in a Big Bang (or was it a Big Bounce?), scientists believe it'll all come to a determinant end as well. How the universe will die, however, is still a mystery. Maybe it'll be the Big Crunch, or the Big Rip? We'll find out one day.... For space facts to amaze you and maybe even leave you a little frightened, check out the video below.

25 Space Facts That Will Amaze And Terrify You

The sheer size of the universe is amazing, but what it may hold can also be terrifying.

7 More Space Facts, Including When The Sun Will Die

We know that the sun won't last forever. And when it goes, we surely will too...

How Big Is The Solar System?

It took the Apollo 11 three days to reach our nearest neighbor, the moon.

Written by Curiosity Staff October 27, 2016

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