There Are More Bugs In Your House Than You Think

There Are More Bugs In Your House Than You Think

A study published in January 2016 found that a typical suburban home in Raleigh, North Carolina was home to 32 to 211 species of arthropods. The researchers stressed that this was a conservative estimate, as many more species were probably concealed under the floors and behind the walls. They collected specimens from more than 550 rooms, and only encountered 5 that didn't yield any bugs. Most of the bugs were harmless and didn't count as "pest" species, making them benign to the home's human inhabitants.


Key Facts In This Video

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    An average home in San Francisco has about 100 species of arthropods inside it. (0:16)

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    Book lice, carpet beetles, and flies are some of the most common arthropods found in homes. (1:59)

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    There's more arthropod diversity in homes with carpets, and less in rooms on higher floors. (2:46)

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