There Are More Bugs In Your House Than You Think

A study published in January 2016 found that a typical suburban home in Raleigh, North Carolina was home to 32 to 211 species of arthropods. The researchers stressed that this was a conservative estimate, as many more species were probably concealed under the floors and behind the walls. They collected specimens from more than 550 rooms, and only encountered 5 that didn't yield any bugs. Most of the bugs were harmless and didn't count as "pest" species, making them benign to the home's human inhabitants.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. An average home in San Francisco has about 100 species of arthropods inside it. 00:16

  2. Book lice, carpet beetles, and flies are some of the most common arthropods found in homes. 01:59

  3. There's more arthropod diversity in homes with carpets, and less in rooms on higher floors. 02:46

Written by Curiosity Staff January 21, 2016

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