There Are More Bats In The World Than You Think

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Bats account for around 20% of all the mammals on Earth. But why? Scientists believe that their proliferation has to do with their extraordinary ability to adapt quickly to new environments. Bat species tend to evolve very specialized bodies and behaviors, depending on the region where they live. Looking at different species of bats, you can see that there's enormous diversity in their physicalities and even their diets: some have giant wingspans and feast on nectar, while others have tiny bodies, distinctive noses, and an appetite for insects.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. There are around 10 billion bats on Earth, and they account for approximately one fifth of all mammals. 00:43

  2. Earth's 7 billion humans weigh around 287 million tons, but we're outweighed by just one species of krill. 02:04

  3. There are around 3 septillion bacteria in all the cow stomachs on Earth. 03:09

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