There Are Face Mites On (Surprise) Your Face

Face mites are microscopic arthropods with eight legs and long bodies. There are two species that live on humans, and both are part of the genus Demodex. They tend to congregate on the face, where they live inside hair follicles, pores, and the skin's sebaceous glands (though they seem to emerge at night to mate). Luckily, they don't appear to cause their human hosts any harm.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Face mites come out of hair follicles to mate on their host's skin. 00:27

  2. Face mites are microscopic arthropods that live on the human body, but are especially concentrated on the face. 01:38

  3. Scientists theorize that face mites might die by exploding, because the mites don't have anuses. 02:32

Written by Curiosity Staff July 29, 2015

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