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The Yeehaw Wand Lets You Create 3D Objects Out of Thin Air

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Technology is changing art, and fast. Movies are full of computer-rendered graphics, video games are moving toward virtual reality, and even printers are going 3D. And yet, rendering 3D objects generally takes expensive computer programs and specialized knowledge. That's why the Yeehaw Wand is so cool: anyone with a tablet or smartphone can use it to design 3D objects with a process as easy as molding clay. It's basically the real-life version of "Harold and the Purple Crayon."

Sky's The Limit

In that classic kid's book, little Harold frolics through a life-sized world he's drawn with a big purple crayon. The YeeHaw Wand isn't far off: watching the world through your phone's camera, you can use the wand to render virtual objects in 3D space. You can literally draw a necklace on a friend, trace over a real-life object to create a 3D version, or invent your own imaginative designs.

The app lets you do more than just draw lines: you can render 3D tubes, orbs, and other shapes; create mirror images; and — of course — undo any mistakes. A 360-degree plate lets you turn your creation around without fiddling with the camera so you can polish up every detail. It even comes with pre-made designs you can edit to your heart's content.

Augmented Reality, Meet Actual Reality

Once you're all done, the sky's the limit. You could just save the design for yourself, but where's the fun in that? The creators collaborated with 3D publishing platform Sketchfab to help users create augmented-reality scenes with their objects, letting them walk around freely while the object stays stuck on the couch, the ceiling, or wherever you put it in your virtual world.

Even better, you can bring your creations into the real world through 3D printing. The objects you make with the YeeHaw Wand are easy to print on any 3D printer you might have at home or at a 3D printing center, but if you don't have one, the app will print it for you and ship it to your door. It's 3D modeling without the expensive modeling software and complicated equipment. Take that, purple crayon.

If you'd like one for yourself, check out the Yeehaw Wand Kickstarter. It runs until January 14, 2018!

Making a Rocket with the Yeehaw Wand

Written by Ashley Hamer December 18, 2017

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