The Worst Way To Die In The Wild Is By Cassowary Attack

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Nature is beautiful, and also pretty terrifying. Hurricanes, heat waves, tornadoes, lightning strikes, hail storms, earthquakes... we'll stop there. Many natural disasters have claimed lives, but which would be the most excruciating way to go? According to Outside magazine, it's not by drowning or ingesting poison—it's by the attack of a cassowary. What's a cassowary? We're glad you asked...

The cassowary is known as the most dangerous bird on Earth. The black and blue, ostrich-like animal stands at 6 feet tall and can chase you at speeds up to 31 mph. Cassowaries in the wild are known to be shy, but once they get the taste of people food, they'll pester and attack to get more. The bird has a powerful kick that could knock you out. But the scariest part about cassowaries is their 5-inch-long dagger-like talons on their middle toes. If you're ever in New Guinea or Australia, keep an eye out for these modern-day velociraptors. Watch the videos below to learn more about this nightmare bird.

This Cassowary Can Kill You

Stay away. Far away.

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Meet The World's Deadliest Bird

We're not kidding.

The Most Terrifying Bird On The Planet

This is your last warning...

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