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The World's Most Famous Teapot

If you were to draw a teapot, what would it look like? Chances are, the teapot you'd render would look similar to the "Utah teapot," or the most famous teapot in the world. A computer graphics researcher at the University of Utah, Martin Newell, digitized the Utah teapot (or Newell teapot) in 1975 to test out his algorithm. It is now the most commonly used standard reference object for a 3D computer graphic.

Hear more about Newell's famous design and the history of animation in the following videos.

The World's Most Famous Teapot: The Utah Teapot

Tom Scott visits the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, to see the world's most famous teapot.

History Of The Teapot

What does a teapot have to do with 3D graphics? Hear the history with Udacity.

The Fascinating History of Animation

We've come a long way. Dive into the begining of animation with Mark Quigley in this video from UCLA.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Some historians estimate that more than 80-90% of silent films have been lost. 00:58

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