Future Of Driving

The World's Most Exclusive Cars

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Most people have been here before: , shopping for the right car, test-driving a few models, haggling a little bit for the one you've settled on, signing the papers and driving away a small, sensible car with great value. But what if money was no object?

What if you were rolling in cash and the very best high-end vehicle manufacturers were knocking on your door, just begging you to buy their exciting and exclusive new model? That would be the life, right? That's the life that the owners of the most beautiful, most exclusive and most remarkable cars out there (like the ones in this playlist) are already living. None of these are cars you'll be spotting at your local dealership anytime soon, so forget about your small, sensible, value-for-money motor cars, and dive headlong into the world of high-end motoring.

Share the knowledge!

Share the knowledge!