The World's First Armless Pilot

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Jessica Cox never saw her not having arms as an obstacle to achieving her goals. She even ditched the prosthetic arms she wore from the age of three to 14 because she believed her feet her tactile enough. That's why when she wanted to become a licensed pilot, she found a way. Cox found a specific plane with less controls so she could have her feet in convenient positions; she flies a 1945 Air Cope airplane. Cox gained her pilot license in 2008, after three years of training, 80 hours of flying in three different states, three different flight instructors, and three different airplanes. Cox also swims, plays piano, and practices Taekwondo-she's the first armless black belt in the American Taekwondo Association.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Jessica Cox is the first armless black belt in the American Tae Kwon Do Association. 00:18

  2. Armless pilot Jessica Cox flies a specific type of airplane that has less controls; it’s a 1945 Ercoupe plane. 02:51

  3. Armless pilot Jessica Cox is also a motivational speaker to encourage people to overcome their obstacles. 03:59

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