The World Has Lost Thousands Of Languages

Many languages are in danger of extinction today, with less than 1,000 people able to speak and understand them. The Foundation for Endangered Languages estimates that the world loses around 25 languages every year. Although some people mourn the death of languages, others view it as a natural step in an ever-advancing world. As journalist Philip Howard told the BBC, "Language is not a plant that rises and falls, lives and decays. It's a tool that's perfectly adapted by the people using it. Get on with living and talking."

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The Amazon is divided into about 400 tribes that speak 330 different languages and dialects. 00:43

  2. Afrikaans went through many iterations as a language in a relatively short time. 03:44

  3. UNESCO has deemed almost 3,000 languages endangered. 06:14

Written by Curiosity Staff August 20, 2015

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