The Words Of Shakespeare

The Words Of Shakespeare

More words that Shakespeare coined include: unreal, accommodation, aerial, amazement, apostrophe, assassination, auspicious, baseless, bedroom, bloody, bump, castigate, changeful, clangor, control (noun), countless, courtship, critic, critical, dexterously, dishearten, dislocate, dwindle, eventful, exposure, fitful, frugal, generous, gloomy, gnarled, hurry, impartial, inauspicious, indistinguishable, invulnerable, lapse, laughable, lonely, majestic, misplaced, monumental, multitudinous, obscene, palmy, perusal, pious, premeditated, puking, radiance, reliance, road, sanctimonious, seamy, sportive, submerge, and suspicious.


from The Open University

Key Facts In This Video

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    The globe has performances of shakespeare in the original pronunciations, or OP. (0:17)

  • 2

    Examples of modern pronunciation vs original (OP): (2:51)

  • 3

    Performing in OP changes the way the characters are portrayed, often for the better. (7:01)

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