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The Well Living Lab Is An Office Experiment That Analyzes Its Workers

How would you like to work in a room where you knew your each and every move was being analyzed? Welcome to the Well Living Lab. Though the concept may seem anxiety-inducing (or at least suspicious), it's for a good cause. The lab, which is collaboration between the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and NYC-based design firm Delos, doubles as an office space, and collects data from the people working there to determine the factors that make for the healthiest indoor spaces. Being a guinea pig suddenly doesn't sound so bad.

In May 2016, eight employees from the Mayo Clinic packed up their stuff and moved into the new office. Once they were in, researchers started messing with the thermostat, the tinting of the windows, and pretty much every controllable factor. The lab is also filled with sensors that measure the ways the indoors influence health, well-being and performance. Hear more details from the researchers in the videos below.

The Research At The Well Living Lab

Would you be a human guinea pig in this lab?

Written by Curiosity Staff September 30, 2016

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