The Weirdest Stuff In Outer Space

A pizza order to space might be the longest delivery in history, and, yes, it has been done. In fact, Pizza Hut gave $1 million in order to deliver a pizza to the Russian Space Station. And that's just one of the weird things that have made it into space. Golden records aboard Voyager 1 hold the sounds NASA thinks alien life should hear to get an idea of life on Earth. Makes sense. But why did we send jellyfish and cremated human remains? Find out with these videos.

The Strangest Things Sent Into Space

Play along with this game of True or False to identify some of our weirdest space deliveries.

The Wood From Isaac Newton's Tree

An apple fell from a tree, and it inspired Newton to theorize gravity. Wood from that tree flew to outer space.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. From 1703 to 1727, Isaac Newton was president of The Royal Society. 00:01

  2. A contemporary of Isaac Newton wrote stories about his life, including the famous tale of Newton watching the apple fall from the tree. 01:03

  3. A piece of wood from the tree that inspired Isaac Newton to theorize gravity went into space. 03:01

The Corned Beef Sandwich That Was Literally Out Of This World

The corned beef sandwich wasn't sent it space-it was smuggled up there.

Written by Curiosity Staff February 25, 2016

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