The Watch That Watches Out For You

Funded by a wildly successful Kickstarter, the Ticwatch 2 sets itself apart from other smartwatches with its simple, clean design and its emphasis on easy-to-understand fitness tracking. The watch's secret ingredient is what they call a "cubic interface"—basically, swipe in any of the four cardinal directions and it transforms from what appears to be a conventional watch into a fitness tracker, a personal DJ, or a concierge to order you a ride. It keeps tabs on your activity and heart-rate and automatically syncs with apps such as Google Fit, making it a must-have for your exercise routine, and blends right in with a business outfit when your workout is over. It's currently on sale for $169.99 in the Curiosity store, along with other workout gadgets like these activity-friendly earphones.

Written by Curiosity Staff June 6, 2017