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The "Village Of Dolls" In Nagoro, Japan

The "Village Of Dolls" In Nagoro, Japan

A woman in her 60s named Ayano Tsukimi lives in the rural Japanese village of Nagoro, and makes life-sized scarecrows to populate the town. The dolls are meant to replace people who have died or moved away. Tsukimi has made more than 350 scarecrows, but only 37 people live in Nagoro.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The village of Nagoro in Japan has a higher population of scarecrows than people. 00:01

  2. Nagoro's scarecrow population has slowly been populated by scarecrows sewn by one woman. 00:24

  3. The woman responsible for making the scarecrows in Nagoro, Japan was inspired to create them when her crops weren't growing; she thought crows were eating the seeds. 00:37

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