The Vasper System Could Make Exercise MUCH Easier

The Vasper system uses liquid cooling technology from NASA to facilitate its unique kind of anaerobic exercise. Because the system strives to produce the effects of an intense workout without the physical strain, it holds particular promise for people recovering from injuries, as well as the elderly. Professional athletes and astronauts could also use the system to make their training more efficient.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The Vasper system is designed to provide the benefits of a two-hour workout in only twenty minutes. 00:10

  2. Astronauts who spend long amounts of time in space experience loss of strength in their muscles and bones. 01:16

  3. The Vasper system aims to increase the body's production of natural growth hormones by upping the concentration of lactic acid in the muscles. 02:03

Written by Curiosity Staff August 7, 2015

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