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The U.S. Would Save A Lot Of Money If 10% Of Smokers Quit

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Today, it's common knowledge that smoking cigarettes wreaks havoc on your health. But quitting smoking is also a wise choice for your wallet, and not just because you're saving money on packs of smokes. If one in ten American smokers quit, the U.S. would save an estimated $63 billion within a year. This figure considers the huge, rapid decline in health care costs that occurs after smokers hang up the habit for good. For example, California spent $15 billion less on medical costs in 2009 because that state has fewer smokers. On the other hand, Kentucky, which has a higher rate of smokers, had nearly $2 billion more in health care costs. We've collected some awesome videos on this topic. Watch them now to learn more.

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Written by Curiosity Staff July 22, 2016