The Unique Mating Dance Of The Sage Grouse

The Unique Mating Dance Of The Sage Grouse

The male sage grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) has a unique way of attracting ladies. This bird, native to North America, inflates and pulses its gular sacs as a mating ritual. The dances take place in what is called a lek, essentially a dance floor for the males to showcase their moves.


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    Male sage grouses inflate and pulse their gular sacs to attract females. (0:06)

  • 2

    It is still a mystery why dusky dolphins perform somersaults in the air. (0:48)

  • 3

    Pairs of Clark's grebes perform synchronized dances on water to reinforce their relationship once a year. (2:32)

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