The Underwater Pipe Organ Turns Water Into Music

It is expected for instruments to use solid matter to create sounds (strings, keys, mallets, etc.), but Steve Mann thought to create a water-based instrument. Mann, a professor at the University of Toronto and inventor, created and named the underwater pipe organ. The instrument works by covering holes that ejecting flowing water in order to make tones. There are even ways to manipulate the sound of each hole by the way it is covered. He believes this is just one instrument that will become a collection of more within a category of instruments known as hydraulophones.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. University of Toronto professor Steve Mann invented the underwater pipe organ. 00:58

  2. Instruments that make sound out of water will be known as hydraulophones, according to inventor Steve Mann. 02:36

  3. The way you cover the holes of the underwater pipe organ can influence the tones of the instrument. 03:19

Written by Curiosity Staff November 20, 2015

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