The Twisted Tale Of Thomas Edison

Thomas Alva Edison: he's a household name, globally known inventor and prominent scientific figure with a sordid history of experimentation tactics. Owning more than 1,000 patents, Edison contributed to the invention or discovery of the X-ray, phonograph, motion picture camera, electricity, the iridescent light bulb and much more. By age 10, he had already completed construction on his very first lab in the basement of his family's home and received his first patent at 22. Edison was quoted as saying several times that he attributed much of his success to many previous failures.

Yet, those critical of Edison say he stole many ideas and inventions from other prominent scientists, like Nikola Tesla, by merely cashing in on their work. What's more, Edison was known to have employed unethical experimentation tactics on animals, even going so far as electrocuting an elephant in the infamous Topsy incident. Should his legacy for brilliance be tied to his reputation for being unethical? Check out this footage, learn more about Edison and see what you think.

Written by Curiosity Staff February 10, 2015

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