The "Tree Lobster" Has Been Secretly Living On This Island

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Ball's Pyramid sits alone, ominously, off the eastern coast of Australia. The steep, rocky island is home to the rarest insect on Earth: the Lord Howe stick insect, also known as the tree lobster and the walking sausage. It used to live on Lord Howe's Island, which is near Ball's Pyramid, but went extinct in just two years when a rat was introduced to the island. After 80 years of scientists assuming the Lord Howe stick insect was extinct, they found the last 24 of the species hiding in a single bush on the nearby Ball's Pyramid. Since then, the population was increased.


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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Ball's Pyramid—an isolated island off the Australian is home to the world's rarest insect. 00:00

  2. The Lord Howe stick insect, the rarest insect on Earth, is also known as the tree lobster and the walking sausage. 00:34