The Town Of Rjukan Gets Sunlight From Giant Mirrors

The town center of Rjukan, Norway, received sunlight for the first time in 2013. Three giant mirror systems-called heliostats-reflect the light down onto 600 square meters of the market square, defying the steep mountains that once shrouded the valley town in shadow. The idea of using mirrors for this purpose was first proposed in 1913, but back then, the town lacked the technology to carry it out.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The heliostats above Rjukan reflect sunlight onto the town's center from September to March. 00:06

  2. The idea of using mirrors to give Rjukan sunlight was around 100 years old when the mirrors were installed in 2013. 00:47

  3. Before the heliostats were installed, residents of Rjukan had to take a cablecar up to the mountains to feel the sunlight. 01:13

Written by Curiosity Staff September 16, 2015

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