The Tovala Is Not A Microwave-It's A Smart Oven

The Tovala Is Not A Microwave-It's A Smart Oven

Though it looks just like a microwave, the Tovala is much more than that. The Tovala is a 26-pound smart oven, and has been described as the "Keurig of food." This device aims to be your own robotic personal chef. It scans barcodes of prepackaged meals, which informs the machine exactly how to prepare the specific meal correctly. But it's not limited to the prepackaged meals - this smart oven can also steam, broil, convection, and bake your own food. The CEO and founder of Tovala, David Rabie, claims the machine is "more efficient and it's healthier" than a microwave. The meals that correspond with the Tovala will cost between $10-15.

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