The Tasty, Wooly Mangalitsa

The Tasty, Wooly Mangalitsa

In the 19th century, Hungarian nobles tasked themselves with creating a supremely delicious meat. After cross-breeding a wild boar with a pig, they produced a mangalitsa. The meat of the mangalitsa was especially delicious because it was extra fatty.


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    Hungarian nobles in the 19th century tried to breed a tastier with pig with more lard and created the mangalitsa. (0:25)

  • 2

    Mangalitsas are wooly pigs that are the result of cross-breeding a wild boar with a pig. (0:42)

  • 3

    There are around 50,000 mangalitsa pigs being raised today. (1:33)

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