The Surprisingly Familiar World Of Chimpanzees

Chimps are one of our closest primate cousins. But the proof of this fact is in more than their DNA-it's in the ways they interact with each other, and with us. See how chimps get creative, communicate, and even face death in surprisingly familiar ways.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Hear Jane Goodall mimic some distinct chimpanzee calls used for communication: 00:44

  2. Research indicates that chimpanzees have entered their own Stone Age. 03:18

  3. Though their communication may not qualify as a language, some chimp troops appear to have accents. 05:12

Key Facts In This Video

  1. An artist by the name of Pierre Brassau received rave reviews in 1964, even though he was secretly a chimpanzee. 00:17

  2. Peter the artist chimp preferred to eat cobalt blue oil paint more than other colors. 02:01

Written by Curiosity Staff March 28, 2016

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