The Surprising Science-And Medical Potential-Of Tattoos

Imagine glancing at your forearm for an immediate report on your current state of health. Thanks to engineers at the University of Texas, this technology may soon become a reality for hospital patients. They have created a wearable, disposable, heat-sensing, liquid crystal patch that tracks vital signs. Patients can wear this small device on their neck or forearm, and keep it there about for a week. This device will have the ability to monitor aspects of cardiovascular health that will be available for patients to see on a smartphone app: the app will decipher the colors of the patch and deliver a health report.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The heat sensing liquid crystal tattoo would provide healthcare information by virtue of it's intimate contact with the skin. 00:15

  2. Temperature changes detected across the liquid crystals could signal increases and decreases in blood flow, skin hydration, and heart rate. 00:55

  3. A special smartphone app allows you to take a picture of the patch and translates the temperature changes into a health report. 01:23

Written by Curiosity Staff January 29, 2016

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