The Frank Sinatra song "Strangers In The Night" prevented Scooby-Doo from taking on the name "Too Much." Right before production on the show began, one of the show's creators was inspired by the "dooby-dooby-doo" phrase in the Sinatra song. (Bonus fact: Scooby's pal Shaggy's real name is Norville.)

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. A young Bill Nye worked on a comedy show in Seattle called "Almost Live." 00:04

  2. "The Powerful Girls" were originally called "The Whoopass Girls." 02:43

  3. Miranda Cosgrove earned $180,000 per episode of "iCarly," but Miley Cyrus only earned $15,000 per episode of "Hannah Montana." 05:48

Written by Curiosity Staff July 10, 2015