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The Strongest Beer Ever Made Was More Potent Than Whiskey

The world's strongest beer ever made was made in 2013 by a Scottish company called Brewmeister. The beer that set the record is called Snake Venom. With a huge alcohol by volume (ABV), Snake Venom is stronger than most vodkas and whiskeys by a large margin. Compared to other beers, the ABV of Snake Venom isn't even close—the average beer has an ABV of about 4.5%, and Snake Venom measured 67.5% ABV. Even the average ABV for hard liquor doesn't quite stack up: liquor average is about 37% ABV. Just one bottle of Snake Venom beer has the alcohol equivalent of 15 shots of hard liquor.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Snake Venom, the world's strongest beer as of 2015 , has an alcohol content of 67.5%. 00:00

  2. A bottle of Snake Venom beer contains the alcohol equivalent of 15 shots. 00:33

  3. Snake Venom beer is 135 proof. 00:46

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