The Stress Of Life Led Thomas Thwaites To Become A Goat

Sometimes the expectations of human life can seem overwhelming. For author and designer Thomas Thwaites, the stress of a failing relationship and the pressure of minor Internet celebrity (he earned attention for his 2011 book "The Toaster Project" and his accompanying TED talk) was too much to deal with. But instead of crawling into bed or drowning his stress in ice cream, the designer decided to try out living life as a goat. "Human life can just be so difficult," Thwaites told NPR. "And you look at a goat and it's just, you know, it's free. It doesn't have any concerns." Thwaites created multiple versions of "goat suits" and finally settled on prosthetics that allowed him to walk on all fours in a goat-like way. He consulted an ethologist in an effort to get into a goat's mindset. But the diet of the goat posed a substantial hurdle: humans can't digest grass. So Thwaites attempted to create an artificial goat stomach. When that didn't work out, he cooked the grass he spat in a bag into a grassy stew. Thwaites wrote about his experience in his book, "GoatMan."

Thomas Thwaites - The man who tried to live as a GOAT, living as part of a herd in the Swiss Alps

Written by Curiosity Staff May 27, 2016

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